Those Were the Days

Larry GrubbSometimes I receive gifts from our homebound to give to the FUMCFW Archives. Recently Eddie Dunn gave me a church paper that was sent to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Dunn. See if you can come up with the date.

Buddies grocery ad had the following on sale that week: Prestone antifreeze, one gallon, $1.87; flour, 10 pounds, 49 cents; bacon, 29 cents a pound; baby beef chuck roast, 29 cents a pound; dry salt jowls, 15 cents a pound; Hunt’s catsup, 14-ounce bottle, 15 cents; eggs, 39 cents a dozen.

Many stores gave S&H Green Stamps, and you could buy an RCA color console TV for $299.95. Some of the businesses with ads: White Lake Milk, Cox’s, Kay Drug Co., Fakes & Co., Tarrant County Building and Loan, Pickwick Food Stores, Stripling’s . . . telephone number FO-2461.

Dr. Warren Johnston, former pastor 1942-1952, died. W.S.C.S. begins study of “Man and God in the City.” The Senior Wesleyan Service Guild to meet and hear Dr. T.H. Minga, District Superintendent in Denton.

Rev. James Ansley was going to preach that week. The Sunday before this paper came out, there were 834 in Church School. It took $3,691.50 to finance the church for one week that year. That week they had a surplus of $103.14. Sunday evening worship was held at 7:30 in Memorial Chapel.

You are always welcome to go to the Archives room and see all the treasurers stored there. This paper will be added to that collection. If you have any items of memorabilia of our church that you are willing to part with, please consider the Archives as a place where they will continue to be loved and cherished for generations to come. You can leave them in the Main Church Office and please include your name, address, and phone number. If you know any history that goes with your item, please include that.

The church paper used in this story is dated December 31, 1954.

Larry Grubb


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