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Staff_Partridge, RogerI am delighted to announce that with your generous response, we were able to close a significant year-end financial gap with December contributions that brought us within 7%  of a very steep financial goal. We’re still tallying and confirming credit card transactions, but from our $900,000 December 1 deficit, together we raised more than $ 844,000 bringing us very close to our goal. In fact, pulling together as we did, together we set a new record of funds raised in a single month in First Church history! Because of who we are together, we were able to close our financial year successfully. What a blessing it is to be part of such a faith community!

Now, as we look toward 2015, it’s time to shift our focus to commitment. Our goal this year is a little bit different than what it has been in years past. I’m not going to give you a dollar amount we need to raise. Instead, we’re going to set our goal together with our commitment cards. Upon the base of our collective financial commitment, we’ll build our ministry and operating budget for the coming year. Believing as we do in all we accomplish to Love God, Serve People and Transform Lives, my guess is we can set a new record this year as well with our percentage and level of commitment throughout our congregation.

This Sunday, we officially launch our 2015 Stewardship campaign, This is Why We Give, I look forward to sharing with you during worship some important things to know and  understand about this pivotal point in our financial year. During the next four weeks, we will be focusing on:

  • Knowing the level of commitment from each of our members to help make decisions and plan our programs, events and activities for the coming year to match our level of giving.
  •  Establishing a solid base of commitment now to help avert the year-end financial gap we experienced this past year – commitments made early and honored as promised are the backbone of our budgeting process.

As our staff works hard to plan the programs, worship opportunities and activities of our church for the coming year, and as our church leaders begin the planning process to set our 2015 priorities as a faith community, it is essential to our planning to know what our budget will be.

I know you will want to join me and the rest of the FUMCFW Staff, along with more than 350 church members who have already made their commitment to supporting to the many vital ministries of FUMCFW for the coming year.  Picking up on our earlier emphasis, if every single member of our church pledges to give something this year, we’ll make our Stewardship goals quickly and easily.

Thank you in advance for your help and generous support of all the ways in which, together, we Love God, Serve People, and Transform Lives.


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