Thank You Youth Council

Andrew MochrieWe have yet to have an article talking about and celebrating all of the hard work that our youth council has done throughout the last two years. The youth council has existed and diminished at different times in the history of the youth ministry. However, we are so happy and proud to report that today it is alive, well, and working hard. This past Sunday marked the second year of it’s re-establishment. It is compiled of a group of both teenagers and parents who meet at least quarterly if not more often when the occasion rises.

During these quarterly meetings they take up the business of the youth ministry, they give feedback from both them and others who have spoken to them, they are tasked to go and tell the news of what the youth council does, and they participate in setting the future of the youth ministry. This year they worked hard to set our vision, values, and goals. They just affirmed six three-year goals each with one-year benchmarks. They worked to give feedback on ideas about engaging teenagers in Sanctuary worship at 11:00 am. Out of this group come our representatives for Church Council and various other leadership roles in the church. They keep the youth staff accountable and they help us be more creative than we could have ever imagined.

We cannot begin to brag enough on our leaders for the work, time, and effort they put into helping craft a youth ministry for FUMC Fort Worth. We cannot celebrate our leaders over in the Justin enough. They are all-stars. They’ve made so much progress and even though there is much work left to be done we know that it will be done with excellence! This article may be short and sweet but it’s worth it to say thank you.



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