Thank You, Third-Graders!

By September 21, 2016Reflections

Staff_Langley, CaseyHi, Third-Grader. I owe you a really big “THANK YOU!” You know why?

On Sunday my son James was baptized during the 11:00 am worship service in our big, beautiful Sanctuary. This was the same service during which you received your very special Third-Grade Bibles. So it was a big Sunday for my family AND for all of your families! Thanks for sharing your big day with us!

I was so glad you all were there the day James was baptized!

James is a little bitty baby — only six months old! He won’t remember the day he was baptized. His daddy and I will have to tell him about it over and over. And when we tell him the story of the day he was baptized, we will always tell him about all of you.

Most of you were there that day! You watched so quietly and sweetly while James’ daddy and I carried him forward. You listened to us take vows to raise him at church and teach him about Jesus. You watched as Dr. Bruster placed water on his head and while we all placed hands on him and prayed. Did you giggle when he squirmed and made funny sounds? That’s OK — I did too! And then Dr. Bruster walked him around and introduced him to you and other members of our church family. You waved at him and everybody welcomed him.

Do you remember what happened next? You and your parents read along in your bulletin and made a commitment to help me and James’ daddy raise him. You said that you would be examples to James. You said you would show him love. You said you would help guide him in faith as he grows up.

That meant so much to us! It means so much that you’re going to help us. We need our church family. We need people to encourage us and love us and pray for us. James’ parents love him, just as your parents love you. And I am so thankful that you will be some of the people who will join us as we encourage and love and pray for James. He’ll need you!

James already looks up to you! On Sunday he sat with us on the front row and watched you come forward one by one, receive your Bible, shake Dr. Bruster’s hand, and stand facing our church family. I can’t imagine how big you looked to him!

I hope you’ll read those Bibles! Ask questions about what is in them. Bring them to church with you. Those Bibles will help you get to know Jesus better. There will be times when what is in them will be very comforting. And sometimes it will be very confusing! But no matter what, keep reading! Because as James grows up, he’ll be looking up to you even more. He’ll be watching you. He’ll pay attention to how you love God and how you love your friends. And I’m glad he will have you to look up to.

On Sunday you promised to help us raise him in faith. And by receiving your Bibles and saying the Bible Black Belt pledge, you started to live out your promise.

Thank you for being part of James’ baptism day. Thank you for helping us show him how to love and follow Jesus. And thank you for getting started right away! He’s a lucky boy to have you as friends!



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