I Hope You Take Advantage of These Two Giving Opportunities

In a recent conversation with a church member, he explained his current First Church giving is targeted for current and ongoing operations. With financial obligations in the way of raising a family, growing in his career, building college funds, and focusing on everyday life, he chooses to support the church’s annual operating budget by giving monthly gifts directly to First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth. His family and he reap the benefits of day to day vibrant and life-changing ministries and programs offered at First Church.

The donor is also aware that the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation is another excellent opportunity to support First Church in the later years of his retirement and even after his death. So, what is the difference between making a gift to either 1) the First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth or 2) the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation? Both are excellent and equally important options because our ministries and programs will benefit but in different time frames.


First Church was very blessed to have had visionary leaders in 1964 who realized the need for a permanent endowment fund that is separate and apart from the church and its regular operating budget. Thus, the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation was established for the benefit of First Church with the purpose of accepting permanently endowed gifts. All such endowed gifts – whether lifetime or testamentary bequests received by the Foundation are carefully and permanently stewarded, invested, managed, and administered by the Foundation. This effort is performed by its staff and board of directors to allow such funds to grow for years to come.

The Foundation makes annual disbursements directly to our church. The Church’s Board of Trustees then determines the spending of these funds on behalf of the church. These annual distributions from the Foundation supplement the church’s general operating budget, and provides for capital expenses, facilities maintenance, repair and renovations of church property.

Additional endowment funds have also been established in the Foundation through designated gifts and bequests to provide long term support of specific ministries that our members are passionate such as 1) Music & Arts, 2) Missions, 3) Youth Ministry, and 4) Children’s Ministries.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming blog from Foundation Executive Director Sid Johnston to learn specifically about the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation.


As noted above, all gifts that are made directly to First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth have immediate impact in the support of current ministries and programs or special onetime needs. The church relies on these annual gifts as the stream of income that makes possible our day to day operations allowing us to go out into the world to make disciples for Christ.

I encourage you to continue your faithful giving to the church’s annual ministry and operating fund and to our special designated funds (i.e. music, youth, media, Easter, etc.). Should you have any questions on your giving strategies for First Church, please contact me at nfisher@myfumc.org or 817-339-5098.

As the Director of Stewardship, I am extremely grateful for both our generous members and for the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation.

With much appreciation,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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