Taizé Communion Service

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Special Music and Guest from Taize, France this Sunday during the 
Chapel Communion Service from 10:30 – 11:00 AM
This Fifth Sunday in March, we have a very special Communion Service in the Chapel with deeply prayerful Taize music… and we will have the unique privilege of being joined by one of the brothers from the monastic community.  (Though they live in eastern France, the more than 100 Protestant and Catholic brothers come from over 40 different countries.)
Taize music is a harmonious, repetitive singing of a simple scripture verse or phrase and is the very thing we need in our busy lives to move beneath our rushing thoughts and settle deeply into “heart knowing.” Over the centuries, many Christians who have tried to live faithfully, allowing themselves to be guided by the Spirit of God’s love, have talked about listening more deeply with “the ears of the heart.”
To express the experience of the Real Presence of God often felt in Taize Worship Services is beyond words. One must enter this time of worship quietly, slowly… let the monkey-mind settle…and then simply allow the heart to be open… and awaken to the gift of truly freeing and transforming grace…
After the Taize Communion Service, Brother Emmanuel, and all who desire to have dialogue with him, will move to room 334 where the Good Neighbors Class will host our gathering during that Sunday school hour.
Below is more information about the Taize Community and why some of the brothers from France are with us in North Texas.

About The Taizé Community | Taizé in North Texas

Let me know if you have questions.

Grace and peace,

Len Delony


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