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What’s Love Money Got to Do With it?

Robinson Crusoe literally missed the boat. Finding himself marooned on a desert island after a fierce wind wrecks his ship, Crusoe scavenges for anything he might use for survival — tools, food, alcohol. When he finds a chest of gold coins he says, “O drug! What art thou good for? I have no manner of use for thee.” And then he scoops up the money with glee.

The pleasures and perils of money are the subject of religion, philosophy, economics, literature and history. Oh, and spell making. I ran across a spell touted by someone named Aurora Moone that uses cinnamon and some other stuff to help you increase your dollars . . . but I digress.

Even though the subject and reality of money touches everything, I feel some reluctance to talk about money at church. It would be easier if I were one of those preachers trying to talk you into buying me a jet plane — for the purpose of ‘spreading the gospel’ of course.

Even Jesus was a little reluctant at one point when two brothers in dispute over the family inheritance asked him to mediate the case. “Who made me your arbiter” he asked. Then he said simply, “beware of greed, a person’s life isn’t all about possessions.” And then of course he told a story.

Join us on Sunday at 11:11 to talk about that story and to ask questions like:

What are we going to do with all this money? Can pinching pennies be harmful to your health? And, how did that guy sell the Brooklyn Bridge so many times?

The band will play songs from Carrie Newcomer, The Travelling Wilburys, and Tears For Fears. I hope to see you there.

Charme Robarts
Community Advocate


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