A Sunday “INSIDE Out”

Dear Friends,

Well, friends, by now you know that we have cancelled all services and activities on Sunday for the safety of all our members and staff.  As you may also know, our Advent theme this year is Christmas Inside Out.  Advent is a time to turn from the inside out.  It is a time to get outside of ourselves—outside of our own concerns.  Last week our focus was getting outside of the trappings of the season.  Now, here’s the funny thing.  Our theme for this second Sunday in Advent, when most of us are very much INSIDE, is “Outside the Expected.”  I would say that this kind of ice and cold this early in December are outside the expected.  Being at home, rather than in worship with full choir and orchestra celebrating the majesty of the season together is outside the expected!  But, here we are!

So, I encourage you to read Luke 2:1-20.  As you read it, think about what stands out for you?  As you read it a second time, ask, “If I had never read this or heard this before, what would be unexpected or surprising?  What would I have never predicted?”  As you read it a third time, ask, “Am I able to see in the seasons of Advent and Christmas and in the story of Jesus’ birth only what I expect?  What would it mean to observe this season outside of the expected and predictable?”

Then, I invite you to spend a few minutes with me via video as I share some of my thoughts around this theme.  (Click here to access this video now)

Here is what is coming up in the sermons during the rest of Advent as we continue to look at Christmas inside out:

  • December 15 – Outside the Walls
  • December 22 – Outside the Confines of the Holiday Season
  • Christmas Eve – Outside of Heaven

The first Christmas itself turned the predictable and expected inside out. How can we experience today the unexpected and unpredictable nature of what God is up to?  


Grace and Peace,

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