Sunday in DiscipleChurch: “Change: It’s Complicated”

By September 26, 2019DiscipleChurch, Worship

We have a complicated relationship with change. With all its blind and necessary pain it presses on us when we aren’t looking. Or, it leaves us breathless and exhilarated when we hope for it and somehow experience it. Change moves and shakes us and remakes the present and future and even begins a retelling of the past, depending on where the shadows fall. Change is the constant motion of our life.

Depending on what we are talking about we may resist it, deny it, dream of it, and long for it. We try to force it and predict it. Change scares us and inspires us. Children grow and change too fast, while disagreeable policies or cures for our diseases can’t change fast enough.

Even good changes bring loss. A new job, a new home, a new baby, all wonderful things, but something is lost in the transition.

The wisdom soundbite “everything changes,’ may not always be good news to us, but it is real news. However, when the ground is shaking under our feet, the opportunity for learning something about ourselves and about life is opened up in new ways. We find ourselves in an open-ended state of affairs.

What can help us when we face unwanted change? And what can keep us going when needed change seems so far away?

The OT has these famous words: I call all this to mind — therefore, I will wait. Certainly the faithful love of the Lord hasn’t ended; certainly, God’s compassion isn’t through!
These things are renewed every morning!

What do you see and experience that makes this passage true?

Join us for DiscipleChurch on Sunday at 8:30 when we explore these ideas.

Charme Robarts
Community Advocate


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