This Sunday in eleven:eleven: “Dancing with Bears”

“Doing Time in the Kingdom: Dancing Beyond the Edge of Comfort”

Music from Coldplay, Lyle Lovett, traditional gospel

and a brand new band,

(with a curious, seredipitous story)

Second Child

Sunday, February 8

Gift of Story

“waltzing with bears”

Special Guest – the Bear


Staff_McDermott, TomMaybe you’ve noticed, this past week has certainly had its share of anxiety, worry and anger in the news and media. Whether it was the winter storms in the NE area, tragic plane and train crashes in Asia and NY, local anger and/or affirmation centering around the local Fort Worth Imam who prayed at one of the Stock Show breakfasts, war continuing in the Ukraine, or the revelation of another prisoner brutally executed by terrorists in the Middle East.


Perhaps your week has been filled with frustrations with co-workers or family members. Your very faith in God might have been shaken by personal crisis or uncertainty. Or it may have been as subtle as a tinge in your gut, or even a momentary blip on your conscience, as you came to a stop at a busy intersection and someone was approaching to ask for help, or a co-worker or friend said something that you knew was inappropriate or short-sighted, but you quickly moved to another place in your mind or a quick look on your phone for a distraction. You may be angry with the church, present or past, for any number of reasons. You may just feel you’re ready to give up.


No doubt you are like me, whether or not you find moments like these challenging, we still find there are places where we are uncomfortable, places where we would rather not be, people we would just as soon not have to deal with, or ideas we feel are not worth a second thought.


This Sunday, we will explore the story of “the Samaritan woman at the well” and Jesus’ tendency to challenge, if not frustrate, his followers’ sense of comfort, knowledge and opinions – to (as Mary “Mother Jones” Harris used to say) “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” John’s Gospel story suggests a way to move beyond comfort zones, to engage new ways of thinking and to enliven our sense of meaning and possibility. This Sunday, we are going to talk about “how to dance with the bears”. The end result, I believe, is a deeply joyful, merciful, and authentic way to “do time in the kingdom”.


I hope to see you then!







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