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By November 22, 2013DiscipleChurch, Worship

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is my great privilege and opportunity to bring the message this Sunday in DiscipleChurch. Over the last month or two some Scripture passages on trusting God with my life and others about the wondrous thoughts and acts of God in everyday events were on my heart. I thought one or the other was my topic for this Sunday.

Then an old and dear friend passed away last week. His death was sudden and unexpected. Over the last week I kept thinking about how the life of this patient, kind, and soft-spoken man demonstrated his deep love for family and friends. My heart, mind, and topic all changed – not to death, heaven, or comfort, but how to live out our values in everyday life. Like in the world we live in, with some bad people, the responsibility of making a business profitable, and even in the world of lawyers.

I missed most of Brooks’s September series on Paul but I don’t think I will repeat any of the thoughts in those sermons when I ask us all to look at some very familiar verses, 1 Corinthians 13:4-6. Most often I hear this passage at wedding ceremonies but I want to consider Paul’s words about love in the context of how we live out our values. I attached several other Scripture passages that help answer some of these questions:

What is important to you, and why?

What are your core values?

How do you live out, manifest, your values?

What do you devote serious effort or energy to?

What does it mean to make a difference in the world?

How can an ordinary person make a difference the world?

It is so much easier for me to ask the questions than come up with the answers! I will touch on these topics but may not attempt the answers. Thankfully, for my sake, Bob was the answer to some of them.

Thank-you all for your prayers and support. And thank-you for joining me on my journey in DiscipleChurch.

Love to all,

Davis Purcell
Fort Worth, TX


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