Strange Truths About Lost-ness

By March 15, 2017Lent, Youth Ministries

Kat BairThe weird thing about being lost is that what determines how lost you are is how far you get while convinced you aren’t lost. At its core, what determines how lost you are is how far you manage to go in the wrong direction while thinking it’s the right direction. Taking one step in the wrong direction doesn’t make you lost. Taking a step in the wrong direction and then continuing that path confidently for 8 miles before you realize what you’ve done makes you lost. That’s the other weird thing about being lost. When you talk about being lost, people think of the moment they realize they’re lost, but the fact is, they were clearly lost for a substantial period of time before that. How else would they have gotten to this place they’re at now that they’ve just realized doesn’t look familiar?

This week in the Justin, we will be joining the rest of the church and teaching about “The Gift of Feeling Lost” — the third week in our series on the book “Gifts of the Dark Wood.” We will be unpacking some of the strange truths about physical and spiritual lost-ness I mentioned at the outset, and will be hoping to draw students’ attention not just to the places that they feel lost, but to the consistent, quiet homing beacon welcoming them in a new direction. Because in my experience, the gift of getting lost is that it gives us a chance to course-correct, to stop moving so dang fast, to look around, and set off in a new direction.

While I don’t believe that God would ever get us lost, I believe that God may be found somewhere in the moment we realize that we’re lost. Because like I mentioned before, people are lost for a substantial period of time before they realize it — that’s how they got lost in the first place. But that moment they realize that they are lost, that we are lost, is perhaps a sacred one. The moment we realize we are lost is the moment we start moving, ever so cautiously, in the right direction. In that moment, we may be 20 miles away from where we wanted to be, but we’re headed in the right direction, and soon enough on our way, and in that sense, we aren’t lost at all. So may we praise God for the gift of realizing how lost we already are, and may we slow down enough to see and hear the consistent homing beacon of the soul pointing us home.



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