If You Were Wondering . . . Stewardship FAQ

What happens after I turn in my Commitment to Ministry and Operating Fund Card?
You should receive a note of thanks and acknowledgment that we have received your Commitment Card. Your information is entered into our First Church database and we’ll update your giving record as your gifts are received.

How long is my commitment?
This Commitment to Ministry and Operating Fund is a one-year Commitment from January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2019.

May I give more than I originally committed?
You most certainly can and thank you! Any additional gifts over and above your original Commitment will be gratefully received and will be used in meeting our general operating needs unless you tell us otherwise.

Do the special seasonal offerings during Advent and Lent (second-mile offerings) and other designated gifts count toward my annual Commitment?
Designated gifts, such as gifts specific to support a program and ministry (i.e. First Street Methodist Mission, Kids Hope USA Mentoring, Methodist Justice Ministries, The First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation, or specific (Choral Union, Media, Children’s ministries) do not count toward your annual Commitment. We refer to these gifts as “second-mile” gifts. They are very appreciated and important. You can make a designated gift at any time as well during the special seasons of Advent and Lent.

What if I experience a job loss or health crisis that makes it challenging to fulfill my 2019 Commitment?
We know that “life happens.” If you are faced with a financial setback, please consider sharing as much as you are comfortable sharing by discussing your circumstances with Larry Ammerman, Business Administrator (lammerman@myfumc.org | 817-339-3884), or Nancy Fisher, Director of Stewardship (nfisher@myfumc.org | 817-339-5098). Not only will this give us an opportunity to pray for better days for you; it also makes us aware that you may not be able to give at the level you had planned to give. We will not ask any more from you but will hold you up in prayer.

The Business Office has my credit card information on file for scheduled payments to fulfill my 2018 Commitment. Do I still need to complete the 2019 Commitment Card if my credit card information remains the same?
Yes. We never take for granted that your Commitment is ongoing, so for budgeting purposes and to confirm your continued Commitment, we ask that you please complete a new card each year. We also ask that you provide your credit card (or bank account information if we are drafting on your account) again each year when you turn in your Commitment Card.

May I complete my Commitment Card online?
Yes! You can complete your 2019 Commitment online at fumcfw.org/gratitude.

What ways can I pay/fulfill my commitment?
Once you have decided to give, then choose the giving method(s) that best suit you. Below are some common ways to give or to set up your giving.

  • Online Giving — go to fumcfw.org/givenow.
  • Check or Money Order — Make check payable to FUMCFW
  • Text to Give — 817-241-2327
  • Stocks & IRA Giving — Appreciated Stock or Qualified Charitable Distributions are also giving option. Contact Larry Ammerman, Business Administrator (lammerman@myfumc.org | 817-339-3884) about these tax-saving ways to give.

If I have other questions, who may I call?
Please do not hesitate to reach out to Director of Stewardship Nancy Fisher (817-339-5098) or Business Administrator Larry Ammerman (817-339-3884).

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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