Stay Home, Stay Safe!

DiscipleChurch Family and Friends:

For reasons of safety, all Sunday services, including DiscipleChurch, are cancelled for tomorrow. This includes the 7:30 breakfast. PLEASE let all your friends and family know.

I can’t get either of our cars out of the neighborhood. The ice on the road hills is treacherously slick. I walked to Camp Bowie this morning, intending to catch a bus from there to work. I waited an hour and a half but no bus appeared. The roads were slick, and the parking lots of all the stores were broken hips waiting to happen. Four wheel drive vehicles were getting stuck on inclines. Page tells me her neighborhood is the same way. I couldn’t get to church tomorrow without walking.

Until you get out on the roads, it’s easy to underestimate how slick they are. If you got stuck, the chances already not good anyone could get to you to help. So please — stay home.

Many of the folks  who bring the food for Sunday have been calling to say they also can’t get out of their neighborhoods. Hopefully our homeless friends will stay in the shelters. Please keep everyone struggling in this weather in your prayers.




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