It Starts with Not Knowing

Charme RobartsHere in the Community Advocate office I spend a lot of time with people sorting through life looking for a place where the ground doesn’t shake so much. I find that the fear of what we don’t know often keeps us in places we’d really like to escape. To that windowless room I write:





It’s okay if you don’t know

because most people don’t but we sail on anyway

even when the stars aren’t aligned

and the traffic lights are burnt out on both sides


Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean



Except that you don’t know.

So you can strike out — believe me the road will be crowded

You won’t be standing out there alone

in your underwear like that dream you are always having


What if you did it? Strike out I mean —

Because that thing you don’t know/that thing you wonder about

Is squeezing between the nouns and adjectives of your life

looking for a verb


So what if you ask that question

Stick your head around that corner/pull a book from that bottom shelf

gaze into the kaleidoscope?


You never know is one of my two favorite mantras

The other — well you’ll have to ask me sometime

But for now

What might happen if you

Rearrange the furniture of your life

And you test the small seed theory

And make a mad dash right in the middle of a solemn retreat?




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