A Hug Prayer

Think about someone you love…and really miss.
Think about how special that person is to you, and how you wish you could give that person a hug right now.

Now hold your arms around yourself nice and snug. It probably feels like you’re giving yourself a hug. But this hug is actually for that special person you miss. And while we are real, they are real, and this hug is real, we need help geAng the hug from us to them. So, as we conCnue to hold this hug, let’s ask together for God’s help. Repeat after me.

Loving God,
I’m thinking about someone special,
Someone I miss,
Someone I love.
Please help that person get this hug,
So they can feel my love,
And know that I am with them
In my heart.

Continue holding your arms around yourself. Now just imagine all the people who love and miss you – friends, family, teachers. You are special to more people than you know. Breathe in gently as you feel all the hugs of those people, hugs being brought by God right to you. Repeat after me.

Loving God,
Thank you for the love,
Of friends and family.
I know I am loved.
I know I am not alone.

And now gently, gradually open your arms…wider…and wider…unCl they are stretched out and you are completely open. There’s sCll one more hug, and it’s the biggest of all. God wants to hug you, too. God’s hugs are so powerful and so gentle that we can only feel them with our hearts. Take in a deep breath. Feel God’s love hugging you from the inside out. And sigh out a gentle Amen*.

*The literal translation of the Hebrew word amen is “firm.”

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