Join Hands: A Connectional Art Experience

Materials: sheets of white card stock, crayons, pencils, scissors, hole punches, a length of thin ribbon (or yarn)

Trace your hand onto a sheet of white card stock. (If you don’t have card stock available, you can use white paper).
Make sure to spread your fingers wide to make a larger-than-life handprint.
Decorate your card stock hand with symbols, shapes, colors, spirals, or crazy designs.
Fill up as much of the white space as possible.
Cut out your hand shape.
On the back write your first name and/or an affirming message about the diversity of people in the class, the church, the whole world.

Everyone in the family can do this!
Next, punch two holes in each hand.
Connect the hands with the ribbon.

These joined hands can adorn your Home Sacred Space.

And…we would LOVE it if you would make and decorate an additional set of hands and send them in to the church:

c/o Mark Burrows
First United Methodist Church
800 West Fifth Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Download Hands PDF About Sacred Space Kits