Spiritual Renewal and Our Church’s Calling

Staff_Delony, LenIn recent weeks I have been writing about how everyone in the church is called to be in ministry, and that we need support to “let our lives speak” and for our unique gifts to emerge.

Sometimes it is important for us to physically get away from our workplace or home to seek spiritual renewal. Equally important, however, is to become more intentional about making time for spiritual renewal each week — even each day — without “getting away”.

We are not alive, and miss so much in relationships and in the moment when our attention is focused on another place or time. How often do we get so overwhelmed by “urgent things to do” that we, soulfully speaking, become rushing zombies?   

It is crucial that we develop rhythms and opportunities for renewal…  and ways to change our work culture (not only in church, but in all aspects of our lives.)

Wednesday May 13th, the Spiritual Renewal and Discernment Committee will have a “mini-retreat” in which we will, to paraphrase Fredrick Buechner whom I quoted in my blog two weeks ago, try to “listen to our church’s life” and let that lead us into planning for the new year.

Next week, on May 17th and 18th our clergy and program leaders will be on day retreats in which we will also listen deeply together and try to discern the Spirit’s guidance for the future.

We are one church and are indeed all in ministry together.

But sometimes it takes intentional soul care and times for renewal to hear deeply the unity and wisdom in the Spirit. Otherwise we are deafened by the noise and competition of this world and dead to God’s calling to us. And I have always heard, when I take time to listen, that we are called to be in this world, but not of it.

Please hold our whole church community in prayer as we try more intentionally to be present to the Wisdom of the Spirit in the moment… and envision our church’s calling and mission for the future…

Grace and peace to you all,



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