The Space Between: It’s a Wonderful World!

This Sunday, December 21,

will be our FINAL

eleven:eleven celebration

for 2014!

 Since we will be joining in with all the options for worship in the Sanctuary on Christmas Eve, as well as the single, all-church worship service on December 28, this Sunday will be our own

“It’s a Wonderful World – A Pre-Christmas Eve Celebration”

with carols, stories, special readings and featuring our musical guest from wintry Minnesota, Peter Mayer!


Staff_McDermott, TomNo doubt we are all besieged at this time of year with the last minute details of work and Christmas celebrations, with end of the year business matters and family parties and travel plans – just 6 days till the Big Day!

But I suspect many of you are, also, as deeply troubled as I am by the recent tragic and horrific news of children being murdered in their school overseas, of racial injustices happening across our country, of our own country’s “dark side” with its political polarities and its secret practices with prisoners of war, not to mention the challenging stressful moments we meet on our own streets or perhaps in our homes. And it seems all the more discomforting, and confronting, I think, at this time of year.

So how is it possible to get past the anxiety, or even the ambivalence, and speak of the “wonderful life” George Bailey rediscovers, and the deep hope and joy of God incarnate we remember, at this time of year?

I believe it is for this very reason we need to remember, to piece back together, what it means to be open and present to God in our midst and to remind ourselves, if only this time of year, how “the hopes and fears of all the years are met” in the Christ child – “God with us”… and, perhaps more importantly, we with God.

If you are not traveling this Sunday, I know you will want to be in eleven:eleven as we re-member this wonderful life and celebrate the coming of “light and life” on the first day of the “long dark night of winter”!

I hope to see you Sunday!






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