The Space Between: Music Notes

Tom4For the past 11 years, I have been blessed by the 13 or so musicians and singers who have been a part of the eleven:eleven revolution band. When Charles and I began working together with the eleven:eleven celebration, it was important to us to select, create and cover songs that spoke to the themes of the text and message for the day (or for the series). Just as important was to encourage listeners (as well as our own band members) to begin to see the sacred meanings present in so much secular music. Not just any band can pull off both the performance of a piece as well as convey that sense of the sacred in the profane in that performance. But our band has done it successfully and inspiringly for more than 11 years!

Mid-way through our band’s history, Brad Thompson came on board as our “artist in residence” (co-writing songs, inspiring thebrad song selections and being our back-up guitarist and primary male vocalist). I could not be more excited that our church’s Staff Parish Relations Committee has agreed to put Brad on staff as Director of Music/Band Leader for the eleven:eleven celebration!

A popular dynamic and moving performer and full-time singer-songwriter in North Tx, Brad already brings years of worship leadership with other churches to his work with us, as well as his incredibly diverse repertoire of songs and song styles. He also brings a passion and depth for creative approaches to music and worship that will continue to inspire our gatherings in familiar and new ways.

Brad has played such a significant role in our worship as he has met with Charles and me over the years to create meaningful, fun and unforgettable moments of celebration. I can’t imagine eleven:eleven celebration without Brad and am so glad he will continue with me in leadership in this new role. I know the revolution band will continue to entertain, inspire and enlighten under his direction!


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