The Space Between: Finding Joy in Life’s Magical Mystery Tour

Know Yourself_HSNasreddin Hodja was a 13th century Sufi mystic, satirist, philosopher and fool. As a satirist, he would often push the prevailing logic of a belief, or prevailing religious practice, to the point that his stories seemed contradictory and foolish. But there always seemed a point to the paradox.

For years Hodja struggled with organization and the chaos in his personal life. He was always losing his glasses or his journals or the keys to his home. When he’d finally find his journal, he couldn’t find an ink pen. He’d take off his coat before bed but couldn’t find it in the morning. The chaos in his life was often the butt of many jokes in the village; but for Hodja, it dominated his life to the point of exhaustion and anger.

Finally, Hodja had an idea that was so simple and obvious he couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of it before. He would simply buy a clean new journal and pen and carry it with him throughout the day. All he had to do was to draw a simple map of his domicile and note each place he set down the various items of importance to him. When he awoke in the morning, everything would be in their appropriate place – no more chaos and confusion.

The first day went flawlessly. He had everything marked and mapped out. When he went to bed, he made sure to place the journal beneath his pillow. He had not slept so effortlessly and deeply in months! When Hodja awoke the next morning, he moved about the room in perfect precision, following the map step by step till he was completely dressed, key in hand and all of his life in precise order. And that’s when it hit him, a sudden awareness, a shock of clarity. And he exclaimed, “I know where all of my stuff is. But where am I?!?”

This Sunday, we conclude the series, “Know Yourself – Forget Yourself: Finding Joy in a Life of Paradox,” and explore the idea of Finding Joy in Life’s Magical Mystery Tour.




It’s a special Sunday, too, as we have the amazing Ken Medema with us. Those of you who were with us last time he joined in 11:11 remember his incredible talent as a singer, songwriter and keyboardist, as well as his uncanny ability to take what he hears (story, message, ideas) and shape it into an unforgettable, transformative musical dream.

Elizabeth Wills


Elizabeth Wills will also transport us with one of her songs as we think about the wonder and mystery of life. I suspect we will all gain an insight or two. I guarantee you will hear some amazing music. And I’m sure you will leave feeling a little fuller, happier and inspired for the week to come!



Hope to see you Sunday!



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