The Space Between: Come WHO You Are

Tom McDermott_Sq 500 Two weeks ago when we started this series I explored with you the meaning of enthusiasm as one of three ways we connect to God and God’s Kingdom. Below is the David and Goliath Story I told on that Sunday.

To recap, enthusiasm is our whole self as we are — WHO we are, the same way young David could face an enormous task in a way  King Sol could not, because he had forgotten who he was.

Last week we looked at ecstatic experience, not as a selfish individual other worldly experience, but as the kind of joy and depth we can experience moment to moment when we remember to be present to God and to one another in the way in which Christ said, “If we wish to find ourselves we must first lose ourselves.”

This Sunday we finish up this series with “empathy – hello, my old heart,” a look at empathy as one further way to experience the depth of God’s Kingdom. We’ll be featuring music from the Oh Hellos, Bob Marley, the Wailin’ Jennys, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Hope to see you there!








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