Following the Sound of Laughter

Linda McDermott_150Ever notice how we are drawn to the sound of laughter? My husband, Tom, and I were in a hotel lobby a couple of weeks ago and heard uproarious laughter in one of the side rooms. We both turned our heads to see what was so funny. I noticed we weren’t the only ones. A couple of kids did what we all secretly wanted to do. They went over and actually opened the door to see what was so funny. We had to leave, but we were curious — seems we all want to be where there is the sound of laughter.

In the opening chapter of Mark’s gospel, people are flocking to Jesus — so much so that he has to sneak away very early in the morning just to get a few moments to himself to pray. With so much healing and renewal of life going on around him and because of him, you just know laughter must have filled the air! And I have to assume that the laughter was contagious then just as it is now. No wonder the crowds grew so large they overwhelmed him!

When it’s genuine, laughter and joy draw us in. It is irresistible. It is contagious. It is invitational. I heard someone say once that if the church, the people of God, were truly doing the work of God’s kingdom in this world, the doors of the church could not contain the crowds that would storm together.

Perhaps we would do well to take our cue from Jesus. If we are to be the Body of Christ in this world, let us be the ones that provoke so much joy that people are drawn to the gospel because they are curious — because they want to be where there is the sound of laughter.

See you this Sunday!






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