Sometimes We Need Questions Then Answers

Charme RobartsPeople sometimes get bored with stories they’ve heard over and over because they’ve learned a way of hearing them that shuts out any imagination. The story says the same thing every time. That is a really unfortunate way to treat a good story. Stories actually open windows for exploring what is said, what isn’t said, and maybe what the story can do to our thinking.

Jesus’ parables are often domesticated to the point that there is no surprise, no aha, nothing troubling, nothing exciting. As a longtime teacher of scripture I have no doubt done that, and will probably do it again. But this week, I’m trying not to do that! I’m visiting the parable about a woman who came to a judge. She came over and over, stating her wishes. The story has two stereotypical characters, and Luke adds his interpretation — both at the beginning and the end of Jesus’ story.

So we know what Luke’s interpretation of the parable is, but I think there are other possibilities.

We welcome you to join us at DiscipleChurch at 8:30 am on Sunday morning in Leonard Memorial Chapel, to ask more questions before we rush into answers.



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