Making Sense of Our Social Security

Making Sense_HSMaking Sense of Our Social Security

Sunday, October 11
5:00 – 7:00 pm | Room 154

Understanding when and from where you will receive your income is the foundation of a successful retirement. One of the most important phases of retirement planning is understanding Social Security benefits. Come learn about:

  • Strategies to maximize your Social Security benefits.
  • The current state of the Social Security system…What does it mean to you?
  • How continuing to work will impact your Social Security Benefit.
  • How to coordinate Social Security benefits with your spouse.
  • How your Social Security affects your taxes.
  • How Required Minimum Distributions can really mess things up.
  • How to coordinate your benefits with your other sources of retirement income.

The rules are different for singles, couples, widows/widowers, divorcées, and disabled dependents. Even a seemingly small decision can add many dollars to the checks you’ll receive over your lifetime. Early benefits could be a BIG mistake! For more information about this class, contact Marianne Wilson ( 817/339-5071.

Please email Rev. Phyllis McDougal ( if you can make it!


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