Small Victories

Staff_Becker, Elizabeth_300Each service day at the Mission we encounter men, women, and children in various situations. As we often hear, they are struggling through major life events like illness or disability, loss of a job or their home and other struggles of poverty and of life in general. Other times our guests share the joys of life with us; whichever one we hear we can be sure that these encounters are an opportunity to share in the small victories of life.

Just today a woman came to the Mission, since she was a little late a volunteer found me and asked me to talk with her. When I answered the door she smiled and stated “you have cancer just like me.” She went on to tell me that she was trying to get food before her chemotherapy treatment on Friday and was running behind, “could we help?” I welcomed her in and before long she began to tell her story.

After many months of unexplained illnesses she was diagnosed with cancer. Her illness has caused her to lose her job, she needed to move to receive better treatment for her cancer and she has a very small support system. As we cried, laughed and shared our “cancer” stories we talked about finding victory in the smallest of things.

Small victories could be things like filling out another job application, visiting one more apartment complex or as in the story above “just making the bed today!” I wonder what would happen if we all celebrated the small victories? Maybe those major life events are easier to sustain if we allow ourselves the opportunity to rejoice and revel when we make the bed!!



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