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By August 13, 2014News

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Look for the new scrolling photo gallery on our homepage, or click here to browse all of our albums now.

At long last, our home page photo gallery is live and ready to receive your photos! This new feature will serve as a giant composite photo library filled with dedicated albums related to the programs, events, and ministries of FUMC Fort Worth. Everyone is welcome to submit photos; our communications team will then review submissions and publish the images we receive to our home page gallery. With a composite storage place for photos taken by all the families, friends, and photographers among us — in addition to those taken by our communications team — we’ll be able to offer 24/7 access to this great collection of photos for our church family to enjoy, keep, and share.

Here’s how to share your photographs:

  • Following an event or program, or upon request, we will create and title an album for your event;
  • As soon as your album is created, we’ll publish a link for uploading your photos HERE. While there’s plenty of space, it’s very important to send only your best photos of each event (phone photos are fine!)
  • Click on the name of the event that you want to share photos from and upload!
  • When we receive a new upload, we’ll review, size and format, and then load your photos to our home page gallery.
  • We do reserve the right to crop, edit and remove any images that are of poor quality, inappropriate, or outside our editorial guidelines.



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