Severe Weather Safety at FUMCFW

By March 27, 2015News, Welcoming Ministries


While our newly appointed Hospitality Safety and Security Committee is now hard at work developing a comprehensive and formal plan to address a variety of situations and issues, we are now IN severe weather season and need to communicate how we will handle a tornado or other severe weather situation, should the need arise before the larger plan is complete and approved.

In the event of a tornado or severe weather, the safest places to be in the main church building are the hallways (especially on the 1st or 2nd floors). Because our church is constructed of very thick exterior walls, our hallway walls provide additional structural security.

If a tornado or severe weather event should occur on Sunday morning:

  • In the Sanctuary during worship, evacuate into the hallway if possible; if not, the best protection from falling debris is under the balcony or under the pews on the side sections (away from the chandeliers).
  • In Wesley Hall, please evacuate into the hallway; be sure to stay away from glass doors and windows.
  • In the Chapel, either evacuate into the hallway near the kitchen or take cover beneath the pews and away from windows.
  • In the Children’s wing, the hallway on the first floor (except for the atrium area) is the safest location. (See Children’s Evacuation Plan below for specifics)
  • In the Justin Building, take cover the area outside the offices or in the Asbury room; be sure to stay away from windows.
  • In the Foundation Building, take cover in the main interior hallway on the first floor in front of the bathrooms and away from the glass doors at either end of the hall
  • In the Mission Building, take cover in the center clothing area; stay away from any glass.

If you are a staff member or hospitality volunteer who is in any of these campus buildings during a severe storm, your role is to guide all other occupants in that building to these areas, making sure to stay clear of windows and glass doors.

If you have questions, suggestions or need more information please contact us via email

Children’s Evacuation Plan for Weekdays and Sunday Mornings:

Room # Location
125 Corner of kitchen or hallway outside men’s restroom
122 Kitchen area in classroom
124 PDO Kitchen
123 Entrance Hall to nursery
117 Entrance hall to nursery
119 Hallway outside room
116 Class Bathroom
114 Storage closet room 113

If there are children on the Second Floor (on Sundays or Weekdays), they will evacuate to the first floor interior hallways and closets complementary to the above.


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