Serving With Joy

By February 10, 2015Welcoming Ministries

Staff_Graff, ChuckJesus truly lived the life of a joyful servant leader, modeling and demonstrating to us what it really means to love and serve God and others.  God calls us to follow his footsteps and to bless others as we are blessed.

Our new Outdoor Parking Lot Ministry is just one of many new serving opportunities that you are offered here at First UMC to share God’s hospitality with all who join us on Sunday mornings.

Martin Reid, active church member and servant leader on our new Parking Lot Hospitality Team, shares these comments regarding the value of this ministry and several experiences he had with us this past Sunday:

“One of my experiences was with a woman I first saw walking slowly from the direction of 7th Street who may have been homeless. When she got close I welcomed her and she asked if she was welcome to worship here.  She said someone had honked at her and she was not sure she would be welcome.  Of course I told her she was and she asked where a restroom and the worship service was located.

The second incident was when a car pulled up by me with two elderly people inside.  The driver said they did not know what to do.  I saw a walker in the car and directed them to valet parking and to the sanctuary.

The other experience was when a woman in a car stopped and asked us where a baby baptism she was coming to attend was to be held and Reverend Graff directed her to the sanctuary.”

These are just a few of the ways that our team welcomed and guided people around our campus on Sunday (more stories to come)!  Now here is your opportunity to begin serving with us by going to this link and signing up today or please contact me today ( at 817/339-5065 or  for more details.  Next week, I will be sharing with you other hospitality serving opportunities that we offer.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chuck Graff


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