sermon series on mercy (and justice) in DiscipleChurch


DiscipleChurch Family and Friends:

In response to my message (read it here) about the sermon series on mercy (and justice), our friend and DC family member Bill Lanford sent me the following comment. I thought I would share it with all of us.

Some of my observations:
1. When considering forgiveness or mercy I fret about the perception it will be confused with permission;
2. I have found I often need to know more than I do when considering justice, but I don’t need to know much to consider mercy;
3. As Micah observed the trinity of justice, mercy and humility are possible choices that at our best may operate in concert, with humility the tie-breaker while justice and mercy pull in opposite directions.


Bill’s thoughtful response raises (for me) the issue of whether deciding how to “do” Christian mercy in a given situation is less or equally or even more complicated than deciding how to “do” Christian justice.



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