Fun, Fellowship, and More on FUMCFW Senior Adult Ministry Retreat


“A special kind of bonding takes place when people realize they are part of a church family that really loves and supports one another. On this retreat, people who didn’t really know each other before — and might have never crossed paths otherwise — were able to make special connections for life.” 

— Rev. Phyllis McDougal, Associate Pastor of Congregational Care

A combination of FUMCFW members from five different Sunday School classes recently went on a retreat together, and it was a trip they say they’ll always remember.

Many of our church members who didn’t really know each other before have now become new friends and created special bonds on this delightful cross-country trek. Rev. Phyllis McDougal, Associate Pastor of Congregational Care, joined them on the retreat. Phyllis feels like the trip was unique because it crisscrossed generations of people getting to know each other. “It was such a diverse group of people,” she said. “It was truly churchwide.” From reading books to breaking out in choruses of childhood bus songs, the trip was filled with fun and fellowship.

Above all, the group reached new heights of spiritual growth together. When they went to see a live performance of “Jonah” in Branson, Missouri, it brought a few people to tears. As Phyllis explained, there was a song called “Nineveh” that was about running toward God so we can forgive all people. It was so moving that it helped a few people forgive someone they needed to forgive. “It was an incredible production that really hit new levels of Jonah,” Phyllis added. “There were different insights and theology there that was really beautiful.”




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