Seeing More Than Loss: Understanding the Different Dementias

By May 23, 2017Adult Ministries

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Seeing More Than Loss:
Understanding the Different Dementias

Using Teepa’s GEMS® as tools for responses to fit each stage

Wednesday, May 24
7:00 – 8:30 pm | Wesley Hall
Led by Peg Chabala
First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth
800 W. 5th St. | Fort Worth, TX 76102

By learning the dementia characteristic and ability model called GEMS®, developed by nationally renowned Dementia Care expert Teepa Snow, caregivers can better assess, adapt, and respond to the specific needs of an individual at any given moment of time.

By providing caregivers with this easy-to-use system that compares individual varying dementia states and abilities to the characteristics of precious jewels, this dignified metaphor beautifully describes normal aging as well as the many appearances, behavioral changes, skill sets, and needs of those living with the effects of dementia. Developing an understanding of the GEMS® states is also an excellent tool for determining “most of the time” patterns as well as sudden changes that may signify stress, duress, and/or the onset of an acute illness or infection that may not have been detected otherwise.

Peg Chabla 150Peg Chabala has been with Positive Approach, LLC since 2014. She has spent the last two years learning, mastering, and internalizing the Positive Approach™ (PAC) philosophy. Her passion and mission is to help improve quality of care for people living with dementia. Peg has a strong background in therapeutic activities, and has served older adults and their families through supportive consultation and education services for the past decade. Peg has had the privilege of speaking at conferences for Geriatric Medicine, the American Medical Directors Association, Pittsburgh Medical School, and many others. Her style, energy, and passion are always well-received. In addition to being a PAC Speaker, Peg also serves as a Community Mentor Coach and PAC Master Trainer.

Important News for Fort Worth Families and Caregivers:

Important News for Fort Worth Families and Caregivers: Researchers predict that during the next decade the largest population in our nation’s history will be dealing with age-related dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Teepa Snow, one of America’s leading educators on dementia care, has developed a system of care and response called Positive Approach® to Care to provide family and professional caregivers with new tools for enabling life lived more fully and well at each stage.

Thanks to a generous bequest from the Ostby family, FUMCFW has been chosen as host and site for a two-year series of groundbreaking Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support programs developed by Teepa Snow.

And then, in September of 2018, Snow will make a live presentation at FUMCFW to offer a firsthand experience of her extraordinary teaching style and these lifechanging techniques and training models to the Fort Worth community.
Contact: Dr. Bill Longsworth | | 817-339-5061
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