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Elizabeth BeckerI have the privilege of attending the Texas Hunger Summit hosted by Baylor University where I listened to and learned from the best about alleviating hunger locally and globally. One of the plenary sessions was a dialogue about Faith and Public Service. The discussion panel was made up of two retired politicians, one from either side of the aisle; the room was full of anticipation. The focus of their discussion was how their faith helped them find common ground on issues of social justice, specifically hunger.

The interest in this session was their obvious political differences, but what they wanted to highlight was that their differences strengthened their call to work together for the good of others. During their conversation they spoke of spending time together in prayer and reading scripture and that slowly they built a covenant relationship that went much deeper than any political partisanship. These men forged a bond with each other because of their strong personal faith and desire to live out their faith as public servants.

At the end of their time together on stage, they were asked to offer words of encouragement and guidance to all of us on the front lines in the hunger fight. One simply stated, “I would rather see a sermon than hear a sermon.” It was apparent to me that these men believed this and lived it. How insightful, inspired, powerful and timely. The take away for me is that when we rely on our faith and live our calling to be God’s people in the world, we can see past our differences to make a difference for someone else.



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