Second Floor Doors are EXIT ONLY, starting Sunday

Staff_Burrows, MarkHello Families.

Our second month of Fall Academy starts Sunday.
The theme for the whole month is — Alone.
When we realize that we belong to a loving God, we know we are never truly alone.
The Bible story is a classic — Daniel in the Lions’ Den.

Don’t forget — this Sunday is when the second floor doors to the Children’s Wing will be EXIT ONLY.
The only open entrance to the Children’s Wing will be through the first floor hallway.
I know this will take some getting used to, but please know it is for all the right reasons.

Finally — an attendance challenge!!! The Academy Class that has the highest attendance for the month of October (weighted based on overall class enrollment) will get a pancake party in November.

As if your kids didn’t already have a hundred reasons to come to church — here’s one more.

See you Sunday,



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