Why is Scripture and Spirits important?

By November 12, 2013The Gathering

Staff_Marshall, LanceWe had another great night of theology and pop culture discussion at Rodeo Goat last night for Scripture & Spirits, discussing ways that consumption, excess, and thoughts of God work in our lives. It left me with a question this morning:

Why is Scripture & Spirits important?

brewing monkHere, in no particular order, are my thoughts:

It’s unexpected.

People don’t expect the church to be relevant to their everyday lives. Church is predictable and stale to some, so doing something unexpected is a way to engage them in a fresh way.

It’s on neutral ground.

If you’re new to something, you’re only willing to go a certain distance outside of your comfort zone. Discussing faith for the first time is uncomfortable. So let’s meet in a place you are comfortable to make that easier.

It’s public.

Faith can’t be held captive inside buildings and walls. The message of Christ is bigger than your sanctuary. Let it loose. The more you can be seen, overheard, and interrupted, the greater chance that people will encounter faith in an authentic and non intimidating way.

It respects you.

The topics and tone of Scripture & Spirits are always chosen so there is no right or wrong answer. Even if you’ve never been to church or read scripture, your thoughts and ideas on God can be shared without fear of being teased, condescended to, or made to feel stupid. Respecting your voice is a way the church can mirror the respect and love God shows each of us.

It’s fun.

My #1 rule of ministry events is this: Don’t plan anything that you yourself wouldn’t go to. A pub theology discussion at the Rodeo Goat? I’m in.

See you on Dec. 9!

God bless,



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