Join Us for a Unique Evening of Organ Music

Staff_Peggy Graff_150Dear First Church Music Enthusiasts,

This Sunday, May 3, at 7:30 pm in the sanctuary, we are in for another special musical treat as theatre organist, Thomas Helms, accompanies the silent film, “Safety Last,” produced in 1923 starring Harold Lloyd. Thomas Helms has had a long history with silent films, and has composed an original score for the 1925 silent classic, “The Phantom of the Opera.” Helms states that imagination is missing from movies and television today. He likens the experience of viewing a silent film to listening to radio programs in the days before television, when people could only imagine what the faces behind the voices looked like.Silent Movie Night_HS

“You can see what they look like but you can’t hear their voices,” he says. “You have to imagine what they sound like and it gets you so caught up into it that you forget what is going on,” Helms said. “With the organ, if I’m doing my job right, after about three to five minutes, people completely forget that the organ is playing. They are so caught up with the imagination in the film.” The art of accompanying silent films is a lost one, Helms said. However, the appreciation of silent films has never ceased. He goes on to say, “It’s thrilling to hear people completely lose it with laughter,” and “It’s refreshing and fun — you would be surprised how you feel when you leave.”

At 7:30 pm, Helms will begin with an audience sing-along, followed by “Safety Last.” The film is approximately 70 minutes and you are sure to be entertained. Come early at 7:00 pm and join us for popcorn and other refreshments in Wesley Hall!

See you Sunday!

Peggy Graff, organist


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