Safety Awareness in the FUMCFW Parking Lots

By March 10, 2020Security

Parking lots can be one of the most dangerous places our young children encounter, and yet families find themselves having to navigate this danger on a daily basis.

In getting their children to and from school, grocery shopping, religious services, as well as to and from other destinations throughout the community each day, parents often experience this persistent danger and their constant responsibility for their child’s safety.

Despite technology, including the increasing prevalence of “back-up cameras” in vehicles, parking lots remain danger zones for both children/adults due to:

  1. Driver distraction (looking for a perfect spot or other in-vehicle distractions);
  2. Blind zones created by neighboring vehicles with a higher profile;
  3. Reckless drivers;
  4. Parking lot congestion (both pedestrians and vehicles).

While all children are at risk in parking lots, children with special needs can be even more vulnerable due to issues such as limited impulse control, difficulty understanding consequences, processing delays, limited vision, or mobility challenges.

This same concern extends to other members of our church as they enter and exit Sunday morning activities as well as events throughout the week. Any large influx of people can heighten this danger and increase chances of incidents (or near-miss experiences) in our parking lots.

Please remember to place keen attention on any individuals stepping away from or behind vehicles at all times. Your cooperation in maintaining a safe and lowered speed throughout the lots will also tremendously help deter the possibility of accidents and harm to others.

Because the First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth values the safety of everyone, we ask that everyone leaving the grounds of the church and church-owned parking lots remain parked until you have safely placed your attention on driving and your surroundings.

These additional safety awareness and practices may also include some of the following:

  • The Three To Six-Second Rule (Give yourself extra time to check your surroundings before putting your car into gear);
  • Do Not Move While Talking On Your Cell Phone;
  • Honk Your Horn before backing up in a lot with other moving traffic;
  • Use a spotter if you have someone available whenever you’re in a congested parking lot;
  • If your seat belt restricts you from looking carefully around your vehicle for pedestrians passing by, fasten your seat belt after safely backing out of a parking space.

The staff and Security Team here at First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter and doing your part to help keep everyone safe.


Ron Hicks
Director of Security


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