Revolution Weekend 2018 is Here!

By January 11, 2018Youth Ministries


This weekend, 50 teenage friends of mine, 12 amazing adults, and I will all pile into a bus and head out to Glen Rose for 48 hours of hanging out, worship, small groups, games, cross hikes, bunk beds, snacks, and digging in to what our faith really means to us and how we live our lives. This beloved annual tradition always takes place over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, and in honor of the weekend’s namesake, and the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, we will be using MLK’s legacy as an inspiration and jumping off point as we spend the weekend talking about what it means to be truly free in Christ.

It has been an absolute delight to work with interns, volunteers, our guest speaker, and staff to piece together the organizational juggernaut that is Revolution Weekend. Last year I sat in the co-pilot’s seat for the planning process, and this year, having moved over a chair, I have really gotten to see all the little pieces that have to come together to make this thing work, and have so enjoyed having such an amazing team. I am taking a simply wonderful group of adults with us on the retreat this weekend who have been so thoughtful, patient, and passionate about the retreat. They are an absolute A-Team and I am so lucky to have them with me.

A special shoutout to Jenny Johnson, who came and worked at the Justin over her Christmas break and was instrumental in helping shape the small group sessions and student reflection guides. Also to Graham Watson, our new intern (I’ll have him write a blog introducing himself soon!) who jumped in at the end of the planning process but who took on the much-detested responsibility of figuring out how to print an 8-page document as a half-page, double-sided booklet, when the only printer that can print in color can’t print double-sided, and the printer and computer you are printing from are in different buildings.

And obviously to Brenda, without whom no youth ministry is possible, for all that she does, but in particular, for tolerating me putting the end of registration so late that she has had to send in approximately 458 versions of the roster to the nametag company, and not only not laughing at me when I say things like “can we get a chain-link fence for a stage prop?” but responding “let’s do chicken-wire instead, it’s thinner.” For her (perhaps unmerited) faith in me, I will always be grateful.

And to all of the parents who have signed up your kids: thank you. Thank you for your trust in us, thank you for the awesome teenagers you’ve raised, and thank you for this opportunity to be a part of their lives. They are all such a gift to have, and know that I am grateful for all of you as the primary disciplers of your children and the first person they heard the name of God from.

Pray for all of us volunteers, parents, youth, and staff this weekend, as well as our guest speaker, Rev. Josh Rodriguez, and our band, Bus Seven! Thank you for your support, church, we couldn’t do this without you!



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