What Does An Old Retired Preacher Do?

Larry GrubbWhat does an old retired preacher do? This one is privileged to be on the staff of a church that reaches out to people. I have a little congregation of very special people (135 +) that fall under my care, and the care of lay members of our congregation. They are our homebound members. Some of them are persons who have been in this church for years and years and have served in many various capacities. They have supported this church with their prayers, their gifts, their service, and their witness.

They love to share their church stories and it is a joy to listen to them. Some are in their own home; many are in special facilities that help them meet their special needs. They are the most loving and appreciative people. This church owes a great debt to them for the many ways they have served this church. They have been Sunday School teachers, sung in the choir, played the piano, members of UMW, held various leadership positions, and attended way too many committee meetings.

They are very appreciative of a visit or a phone call. They often ask, “How are things at my church?” They want to know all is okay and the work they had at one time been a part of is being carried on by the next generations. They pray for our church. There are some who receive a DVD of the worship service each week and this is a high point of their week — to get to go to church. Those who are able still support the church financially.

I could share many stories. They have had remarkable lives, each could be a book. I get to share in birthday celebrations, hold the hand of one who is facing a crisis, comfort one who has lost their mate, listen when they have huge decisions to make about their own health, share in the joy of a new great grand baby. I listen to their war stories, their college days and their career and family ups and downs.

I am grateful to be able to be there for them. I am amazed at their strength. I am in awe of their love for this church. They are an important part of the heritage of this church. They are beautiful, loving people of God.


Larry Grubb


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