By September 15, 2013Sanctuary, Senior Pastor

I’m enthusiastic about some renovations going on!  The first is obvious when you enter the sanctuary.  The old built-in risers and theater seating in the choir loft is gone and the floor has been lowered to the level of the chancel.  The center section of the screen in front of the choir was removed in order to move the new organ console into place and the new risers—which will be moveable—will be in placed in the next couple of weeks.  There are coverings on the choir loft walls imprinted with photos of the woodwork to improve the aesthetics while the woodwork is being done in the craftsman’s shop.

The details and architectural drawings showing this work are in this edition of the eNews, so please take a look at those.  When I first saw those drawings when they were presented to our Board of Trustees, I had to take a second look to see what the differences were!  The preservation of the beautiful, classic look of our sanctuary is magnificent!  Not only that, but the additional space and flexibility and the improved sound and acoustics will be a tremendous enhancement to our worship services and special concerts and events.

The second renovation is to the Justin Youth Building.  It has been nearly two decades since major renovations were done to the building, so it is time to enhance that facility as well.  Work will begin soon on that project.

The third renovation is one you won’t see on Fifth Street or Seventh St.  Rather, you can find our fantastic new virtual front door at  The new website is up and running and it is beautiful, user-friendly and flexible.  You probably know that this project has been in the making for a long time and is the result of a lot of work by Director of Communications, Melinda Smoot, and her communications staff.  Many thanks to them!  Just as the new organ will be tuned and voiced between the installation of the console and its final completion and dedicatory concert in the first quarter of 2014, so the new website will continue to be fine-tuned during the coming weeks.  If you have corrections or suggestions as you navigate the site, please email those to

During these next few months, please pardon the inconveniences and the messiness of renovation work.  The results will be worth it!


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