Reflections from the Intern

Hello everyone! Jenny the intern, or “Jen-tern” as the kids call me, speaking. I’m just popping in to give you a little glimpse into the summer life of these crazy wonderful teenagers that make up the youth group from the perspective of a college student who loved every bit of this ministry as a youth. First of all, wow, it’s quite strange being on the other side of things. Many things have been unexpected, and I’ve learned so much — going as an adult leader on trips is completely different than the trips as a youth, and finding the balance between person of “authority” and fun intern Jenny was interesting; ProPresenter, the system we use to run our slides during worship on Sundays, is not something you want to try to figure out last minute; you should always have plans A-D ready just in case, because if something can go wrong it probably will; and lastly, I’m realizing that just how sweet it is that the first church I’m getting to serve in is the same one that cultivated my call to ministry in the first place. Something that has been absolutely no surprise is the number of times I’ve seen God in or at work with these teenagers. As I’m preparing to write my final talk for my internship on my relationship with God I can’t help but pray endlessly that these kids are soaking up every second of their time here. This place is undeniably filled with God’s love through the work they do and the relationships they build; it shaped me in my six years as a youth and it continues to shape me now in my twenties. Please keep praying for these youth and showering them with your love because they may not recognize or fully appreciate it now, but this place is where disciples are being made. Watching these youth love others like God loves them is indescribable. These years are the ones they’ll look back on and say, “Oh yeah… God was in that place.” I’m blessed beyond measure to be a part of it all.


Jenny “Jen-tern” Johnson


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