Reflect, Receive, and React

By September 2, 2016Music & Worship Arts

Robert StovallThis past Sunday morning during the worship services, Choral Union, along with members of the Fort Worth Symphony, performed a beautiful presentation of “Sacred Heart (Ubi Caritas III)” by Ola Gjeilo. The text was presented in a way that truly proved to touch the hearts of many who listened. This particular piece tied closely to the message presented by Dr. Bruster.

It was obvious that many of you realized this tie as well as connected closely to the message in song. With this special connection often comes emotion, and emotion celebrated within each of us can sometimes be a challenge to contain. I personally am a connoisseur of how music can touch the soul and evoke many different emotions.

Music is an element that allows us as listeners to reflect, receive, and react. Personally, it is sometimes difficult for me to refrain from reacting the way I truly feel. I realize that with certain reactions come chain reactions as well. Applauding is one such instance. I have, many a time, wanted to applaud after a presentation that I felt truly deserved such response. However, realizing where I was in the moment and how it could affect the ambiance created in that setting, I had to refrain from showing my true appreciation. 

May I offer a solution to those certain situations? Reflection is sometimes a way of showing emotional response. A nod of the head, a smile, tears, prayer — these are also signs of emotion and appreciation. Allowing all who listen the same opportunity may set off a chain reaction that fits the moment as well.

I also believe that there are some instances in which the energy of a presentation or performance is such that applause cannot and should not be withheld. Those moments allow emotions to present themselves in an appropriate way. I hope you will consider these thoughts as we continue to appreciate our music presentations in the worship experience. 

We so appreciate your support — and emotions — during our service. Hopefully, these chain reactions will continue to grow and spread!


Robert Stovall
Director of Music & Worship Arts


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