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By September 28, 2013The Gathering
Eliz and Kelly_Trash

Elizabeth and Kelly showing how it’s done. We cleared three full bags of trash off the Trinity trails last Saturday.

Sometimes it’s hard to receive good news. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to believe when something fantastic is happening. I experience this a lot right now. Really, I get to spend my day building new relationships? Really, I get to plan a community outing and call that work? Really, people are responding to a vision? Really?

Last Saturday Elizabeth and I met up with our new friend Kelly to participate in the Trinity River Trash Bash. It was the most beautiful day of weather in months, and we spent it cleaning up a favorite part of our city and enjoying the company of others. The rest of the afternoon we kept saying, “Wow, I’m really glad we did that.” Our life is organized around faith, friends, and loving our city? Really?

Elizabeth was out of town last week, so after I ate dinner I went to West 7th, checked out a B-cycle, and rode through the neighborhood. I watched people go about their lives, praying for the community and thanking God that this is where I am placed. Sometimes it’s hard to sit back and realize your cup is running over at this very moment.

Treating myself to a prayer ride through the neighborhood.

Treating myself to a prayer ride through the neighborhood.

These thoughts are tied into the very core, the very mission of First 7th. To show people far from Christ the amazing good news that they are loved, cherished, and redeemed. We know that sometimes it’s hard to receive good news, so we’ll have to be persistent. But if we show them though our conviction, our love, and the way we live our lives, I think we can help them see.

God bless,


Prayers for this week:

God, we live and love in your image. We want to help new people encounter the amazing good news of Christ alive, crucified, and resurrected. Help us show them your passion, your commitment, and your endless capacity to heal. Amen.


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