Three Quick Things

By September 22, 2016Children's Ministries

Mark BurrowsHello Families!

It feels great to be back! I LOVED getting to see so many kids and families this past Sunday.

Three quick things before the weekend gets here:

Thing 1 — Keep coming to Academy!

The easiest thing in the world to do is make a commitment to come to church regularly, then after the first couple of weeks let it slide.

The first two weeks of Academy, we’re still finding our footing, learning names, and figuring out the routine.

By the third week, we start to hit our groove and things get good!

Thing 2 — Our next Children First is October 2 (9:45 am in the Sanctuary), and our theme is: That Makes Me Uncomfortable.

This is a massively important theme, and our children need to know that they have the right to speak up and speak out when things don’t feel right.

And Children First will be the first time for all of us to truly be together since VBS Sunday. (The last two Children First services were in low-attendance August and over Labor Day Weekend.)

Thing 3 — Our first Good Book Club is next Wednesday, September 28, with family meal, books and activities for kids, and parenting session for grown-ups.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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