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Hello Third Grade Families.

Before anything else, I want to make sure I know how to say your child’s full name for the Bible Presentation on Sunday. (Sometimes those middle names are an adventure, and I want to do my best for y’all.)
So, if you think your child’s name might be tricky, would you mind responding to this with a pronunciation guide? Thanks!

For Parents of Retreaters:
We are so excited to spend time with your child this weekend!
On Friday, the Third Grade Bible Retreat attendees will meet at FUMC for dinner before departing via bus to Lyle Lodge.
Beginning at 6:00 pm, please park in the West Parking Lot and escort your child with belongings to the 2nd floor Children’s Wing.
There, your child will be offered a pizza dinner and a chance to visit with other attendees as everyone arrives.
We will begin packing the bus at 6:30 pm, and depart for Lyle Lodge at 7:00 pm.
Saturday, we plan to return back to the West Parking Lot at Noon.

For ALL 3rd Grade Parents:
The 3rd Grade Bible Presentation happens at the 11:00 Sanctuary service, right after the sermon.
Since we will be in there for the whole service, instead of just the first 15 minutes, we aren’t roping off pews.
(In other words, sit where you might typically sit, where you are comfortable.)
For the presentation portion, I will call ALL the 3rd Graders to come down and stand in front of the rail.
Then I will read each name, and each child will come to the center to receive their Bible (and a warm handshake) from Dr. Mike Marshall.
They will then go back to their spot in front of the rail.
(If you want to get where you can take a picture, cool. But if you’d rather be in the moment — know that the 11:00 is always videoed and posted on YouTube.)
After the Bibles have been presented, we will all read one verse together, and then the children can come back to sit with you in the pews.

Mark Burrows
Director of Children’s Ministries
VBS July 9 – 13, 2018


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