Preschool Closed on Monday, May 11

By May 8, 2015FUMC DaySchool, News

Staff_Burrows, NinaIn light of details surrounding Former Speaker Jim Wright’s funeral service, our FUMC Day School and PDO will be closed on Monday. “After thinking through the logistics, we are concerned about the stress, disruption, uncertainty and craziness of a short day,” says Nina Burrows, preschool director, “and we believe that closing is in the best interests of our children.”

Just to give an idea of the scale of security and preparation for this unique and historic occasion, security cameras have been installed around the church. The Fort Worth Police Department plans to arrive at 5:00 am on Monday morning to block off all the church parking lots to secure space for between 40 and 120 dignitaries, including the entire Texas delegation from the House of Representatives, who will be here to pay tribute to longtime First Church member Former Speaker Jim Wright and his family. FWPD and other security teams are also requiring a list of people who will be in the building on Monday and may be running background checks. News media covering the service is expected to start arriving as early as 5:00 am, when 3rd street will be blocked off for media trucks for all our local news networks plus C-Span and others — right in the preschool carpool lane.

“To get the children into the school on Monday, we would have to first shuttle to the church teachers from a remote lot, and then create a makeshift carpool line for every child, including infants and toddlers,” Burrows says. “As we navigated the details of these complicated logistics we realized how stressful it could be for children and parents to continue with our plan to have school on that day, even — and especially — with early dismissal. It just didn’t seem worth it.”

Still, Burrows says that she recognizes that her preschool parents were promised Monday as a school day, and deeply regrets having to cancel. In addition to paying its teachers for the day, the preschool is offering to credit each family’s account for the lost school day to help cover the cost of any additional child care required by this closing.


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