Imagine that your back is literally against the wall. You feel hunted, betrayed, and things couldn’t get any worse. In that moment you open your mouth, and what comes out?

Is there any chance it would be praise?

That’s not what comes to my mind, but that’s what we see in our scripture reading this Sunday. We’ll look at the story-behind-the-story of one of the Bible’s most famous (and infamous) characters, and we will hear remarkable words of praise coming from a terrible situation in life.

When was the last time you praised God? Does that concept even make sense to you? Praise is a practice of not only being thankful for what God has done but naming and rejoicing in who God is. Viewed from the outside, it might seem like we’re praising God to inflate God’s ego or to make sure God knows that we’re thankful, but in truth we lift up words of praise because of the changes it makes in our life.

Think of your most recent prayers, your most recent times of reflecting on your life and God’s work within it. Has there been any praise?

Praise isn’t something we should do — praise is a something we get to do. No matter our situation or circumstance, God is worthy of our praise, and our praises resonate in the heavens and in our hearts.

Join us this Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00 am as we praise God together!

God bless y’all,



Rev. Lance Marshall


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