TCU political science professor raises crucial concerns for our time.

Len Delony1This past Sunday Dr. Jim Riddlesperger presented to us some deeply disturbing contrasts in the “First Talks” Class (in room 350 at 9:30.)

We viewed graphs of recent studies, that show how polarized our political world has become.

For me, to see how much things have changed in recent decades, was not so much a surprise, as it is a kind of “wake up call“.

In our time, there is hardly any overlap or bridge for trust between Republicans and Democrats.

However, almost three decades ago, our church’s own Rep. Jim Wright, a major player in Congress as House Majority Leader in the Democratic Party, was part of a much better way. When Congressman Wright learned that his own daughter was planning to work for then Republican Representative Gerald Ford, he went to ask Representative Ford about the awkward situation. Representative Ford asked if she would share any important secrets. Representative Wright said, “Well, no.” So Ford said something akin to “Well we should be fine.”

What has happened to our sacred trust? It seems that our political world is reeling out of control.

If our political leaders are having such a hard time leading, then it is our calling and duty to help our country and culture rediscover and even deepen what “sacred trust” means.

In my last blog on July 27th, I said we have an opportunity to build sacred trust and hear the sacred stories of our church. If healing is to happen throughout our country . . . and throughout the world, we must start where we are.

We have an amazing opportunity for our church to help lead our local community and contribute toward the healing of our nation. I encourage you to read the blog from last month about our new consultant Susan Beaumont (who is much more than a “consultant.”)

Pray that the soul of our church may be fed, and that we gain a deeper sense of who are and who we are called to be. These are times that try our souls. It is a time for prayerful pause, deep listening, and intentional discernment, if we are going to be able truly to follow God’s lead.

God, help us be faithful.

Grace and peace on the journey,



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