Please Be a little Late to Lunch this Sunday

If you have not attended a Next90 information session or viewed the recent video with Dr. Bruster and Building Study Committee Chair Barry Hudson, then I hope I see you this Sunday at 12:30 pm in Wesley Hall.

I am excited thinking about the possibilities for FUMCFW, and I agree with others who have said that we as one church have before us the opportunity to be transformative for our congregation and for our community.

I firmly believe that by following the lead of those who came before us, we will not only honor and fulfill their vision for FUMCFW, but we will position ourselves as an awe-inspiring downtown spiritual center and community partner unlike anything that currently exists and is greatly needed now more than ever!

As you will hear from Dr. Bruster on Sunday, we have great examples of faith from those who have brought us this far, who have made it possible for us to be. I believe that they were living out their faith much like those of Paul’s time!

Don’t forget about your leaders who taught you God’s message. Remember what
kind of lives they lived and try to have faith like theirs. — Hebrews 13:7

What is your vision for FUMCFW? What will future FUMCFW generations have to say about our legacy and about our faith?

Please come and be a part of the conversation this Sunday.

Together in Christ,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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