September 11 Pilgrimage for Peace: Interfaith Dialogue and Prayer Walk

Len Delony1Last Sunday we had a wonderful gathering for the “Pathway to Peace” Interfaith Symposium.

We had to bring in lots of extra chairs as people from all around Fort Worth and the Metroplex kept streaming in. (We fit almost 350 people into Wesley Hall!) The presentations and follow-up questions were very engaging, with a seriousness that helped us all learn from one another, and a sense of humor that helped people truly feel that “We are all in this together.” At the end, many of our Moslem, Jewish, and Christian brothers and sisters stayed to visit and enjoy food together. It was a very real and hopeful example that we all can come to know God more fully as we nurture relationships of trust and respect for one another, and share in our common, faithful thread of compassion.

The quote I mentioned last week by Richard Rohr fit perfectly:

The mystery of God “is not that which is unknowable, but that which is endlessly knowable. So you never get to the point where ‘I know it all.’ . . . So that’s the meaning of faith, and why faith has such power, not just to transform people but to keep them on an ongoing path of transformation and growth.”

— Fr. Richard Rohr

“Hot off the press,” here is the video from last Sunday’s “Pathway to Peace” Interfaith Symposium.

ALSO — Sunday, September 11, will be the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack on New York and Washington D.C. We will have a special “Pilgrimage for Peace: Interfaith Dialogue and Prayer Walk” that afternoon (3:00 – 5:00 pm in Wesley Hall, the same time and place as last Sunday’s Symposium).

In a sense, we will be picking up where we left off last Sunday. It will be a very intentional time for deep listening and repectful dialogue in which people are invited to speak from the soul about their own experiences.

Here is a brief version of the “Circle of Trust” guidelines for “holy listening”:


Grace and Peace on your faith journey,



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